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By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
2:00 pm
Looking at all the Android smartphones in Cincinnati¬†and you notice one thing they have in common other than the obvious, their AMOLED screens. AMOLED screens give off beautiful displays and that’s why they are used by the best of the best. Now with the shortage of AMOLED screens, trouble could be afoot. Android…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
1:38 pm
Attention American Eagle shoppers….we have an offer for you. Actually even if you’ve never stepped foot in, or even heard of American Eagle you should turn your head. If you want a free smartphone
then this offer is definitely for you. It’s simple, just try on a pair of American Eagle…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
1:17 pm
Singapore is all hyped up because they, like everyone else in the world, are getting a new Samsung phone to get excited about. StarHub is releasing the Samsung Galaxy Beam, an Android 2.1 device with a built in Pico projector. It will be the world’s first smart projector phone, and it’s making it’s star…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
12:05 pm
The Samsung Wave, the first smart phone to run on bada, is
making it’s way over to Rodgers. They just launched the bada OS device. The Wave is loaded up with apps and features Social Hub. Social Hub allows the user to go through their social networking sites, emails and any messaging…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
10:02 am
So Samsung has come out with yet again another phone. This one is the Samsung Intercept,a new Android phone that will be released by Sprint. The Intercept has a a full QWERTY keyboard that slides out and a 3.2 inch screen. The optical joystick will help to work your way around this baby and are very…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
9:04 am
T-Mobile users should get excited, because T-Mobile is releasing the Samsung Vibrant several days earlier than planned. The new release date is July 15th, the same day that Verizon is releasing the Motorola Droid X. The only reason that the date would be pushed up would be to challenge the Droid X. The…
By Fred Salva-8 July, 2010,
8:17 am
Many rumors are circulating around upcoming phones,and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. One of the most recent of rumors is one about 2 phones being released later in the 2010 year. UK phone retailer Omio states that later this year, in November, one Nokia and one Samsung device will be disclosed….
By Erika Galeano-7 July, 2010,
3:35 pm
Today T-Mobile officially made available the 3,000 minute family plan that was accidentally leaked on an internal calendar image a few weeks back. Well apparently there were some customers who didn’t need the unlimited minutes but did need more than 1500 minutes, and didn’t want to pay the $30 or $40 add-a-line…
By Erika Galeano-7 July, 2010,
12:49 pm
There seems to be a trend forming with early arrivals, I mean it was just yesterday that the HTC EVO in white was announced a week early. It seems that the Droid X has seem to have shown up early in customers hands via pre-ordering of course. Well Verizon does know how to tease so well, they’ve been on twitter…
By Erika Galeano-7 July, 2010,
12:02 pm
There arent words to describe this, I mean I knew that the Samsung Galaxy S would be one hell of a device. Well actually its one of the most desired Android smartphones on the market today. It utilizes a large 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED screen, a 1GHz processor and the Android 2.1 operating system.
By Fred Salva-7 July, 2010,
10:34 am
Motorola has done it again, they’ve come out with the Charm Android Phone. This phone offers a full QWERTY keyboard and will run on Android 2.1. This will be a T-Mobile phone, and will be heading there later this summer. Get ready T-Mobile users, because this phone may be just for you. There will also be…
By Fred Salva-7 July, 2010,
9:53 am
Although the Motorola Droid X hasn’t been released as of yet, we get to alreay have a glimpse of Adobe Flash 10.1 running on it. It’s a shame that the Droid X won’t be shipped with Android 2.2 , which is required to run Adobe Flash Player. Because of the update with Adobe Flash 10.1, Droid X with Android 2.2…
By Fred Salva-7 July, 2010,
8:45 am
The new iPhone 4, released with iOS 4, got a lot of hype on how fast it is.All the iPhone users, jumping up and down with excitement because their phone is now faster than it used to be when they had a different iPhone model or a different phone. The truth is that it shouldn’t get all that hype because…